۱۳۹۱ اردیبهشت ۱۴, پنجشنبه

I did not publish confidential information

I did not publish confidential information on my weblog. You can read my text in
I am not hacker
After my alarm in public networks Iranian banks forced to change all of this cards. All card numbers in my weblog are not valid now. Card numbers are different than account numbers in Iran. And I secured PIN by hiding it in a another random number. So my weblog was for a great alarm to card holders about danger that threats their accounts. Nobody cannot to misuse card numbers alone. There was not any another information like Name or Account Number and else in my weblog. Using pins without track2 information of cards is not possible too. I had track2 information too but I had sent them to bank managers. and I did not publish them in public network.
My action was a 'whistle blowing' and this action must to be protected from any law for freedom of news and protecting whistle blowers.

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